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finance, but make it fun

So much of financial advising is based around an expert telling you the best thing to do with your money. Save more, spend less. Contribute to a retirement account. Follow a budget. I'm guessing you probably already know most of this advice, because you're pretty smart. So...why aren't you doing these things?

This is where I come in. My name is Jacqueline, and I'm an actress living in NYC. I named this arm of my coaching program 'Creative Accounting' for two reasons:

1) In addition being an actress, I became a Certified Financial Education Instructor because the complete lack of financial guidance for those in creative industries from people who understand those industries first hand is appalling, and...

2) I approach your financial habits from a creative and unconventional point of view, and I will ask you to look at your habits in a new way when you embark on this journey.

During our work together, you'll receive a financial plan tailored to your goals and your life - whether you work a 9-5 or get by on 3 part time gigs that support your career in the arts. This will give you structure for the following 3 months. We'll catch up monthly, and at your Quarter Review I will be diving deep into the nitty gritty of your finances. I'm going to want to know why you got Seamless 5 times in one week, or what on earth could have necessitated 9 orders from Amazon in one month (spoiler - this is a habit I love to break). 

I will help you look at your spending honestly and break bad habits by understanding why you are doing these things in the first place. Because if we're being honest, any app on your phone can tell you that you are spending too much eating out (and you already knew that without the app, didn't you?), but an app will never have a discussion with you about why you are avoiding the grocery store. Trust me - despite sounding scary, this will actually be fun.

This approach has enabled me to help hundreds of people change their habits and change their lives, and I can't wait to help you change yours.

Check out how the program works below, and sign up for a free phone call with me to see if Creative Accounting is right for you. Talk to you soon!

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First things first - we have to meet each other and see if we'll make a good team. I like to have a chat with you and make sure that my training is what you are looking for, so nobody is disappointed. If I'm not the right fit for you, I'll do my best to send you to the right person!



This is our first proper meeting together. We'll get on a 1.5 hour call where you spill all of your financial secrets. You'll share your income, savings, debt, credit score, goals, and priorities. And I will receive it all without judging you one bit. I'll craft you a financial plan that takes into account your goals, priorities, and preferences. You'll also get set up with your financial dashboard in this meeting! 

Accountability & Dashboard

We'll have check in calls monthly after you receive your plan. These are 45 minute calls to keep you accountable and to give you whatever support you need at that stage in your journey. 

In addition to those meetings, you will have access to a financial dashboard that will have all of your info and action items, as well as the ability to send me messages between meetings.


First Things First

After we have our intro call and decide we are a great fit, you'll receive an invoice to set up your monthly payment. Pricing varies depending on your situation, and I am dedicated to providing affordable financial guidance. Once you pay the invoice, you'll be able to book your first call!

Ongoing Membership

With a plan in hand and a dashboard with all of your data and todos, you will be set up for success right away. We will meet monthly to make sure you are staying on track, and to answer your questions that come up! To ensure you are committed to the program, 3 months membership is required, but once you have passed that point you are free to continue your membership, or switch to one off meetings!

One Off Options

More interested in a one off meeting without the ongoing accountability? If you feel like you have a good handle on your finances and just need some friendly guidance, I offer one off meetings starting at $500/session. These are great if you are changing jobs, making a big financial decision, or making a debt payoff plan. 

YNAB user? I offer YNAB coaching calls starting at $150/hour. These meetings do not include financial advice - just YNAB coaching =).

Artist/Creative Discount

While I am here to serve all populations, as an actress I am especially passionate about bringing financial wellness to artistic and creative communities. If you are an artist or work in a creative field and are in need financially, you are eligible for a discount on memberships and one off coachings! Please set up an intro call with me and we can discuss your options. No more starving artists!


"With Jacqueline's help, I've been able to take my financial life from "I'm not sure what I'm doing" to "I'm going to have a debt-free wedding AND start investing!" I look forward to each quarter review: celebrating what I've completed from our last quarterly plan, mapping out a new, detailed set of to-dos for the next quarter, and, if I'm being honest, hanging out with Jacqueline! Her joyful, sparkly personality makes every meeting fun, and her no-judgment perspective removes the intimidation of talking about your finances. I've already recommended Jacqueline to everyone I know, so if you're considering Creative Accounting, I say go for it!"

Carly P., Photographer, NYC

“ Jacqueline is amazing... Amidst a global pandemic, she has helped me find so much financial peace. 

She is understanding and super judgement free, which is absolutely key when dealing with personal finances. 

In October 2020, she sat me down (over video chat) and helped me FLIP THE SCRIPT on my financial life and it has been THE BIGGEST blessing and game changer for me.


Due to her wisdom and coaching, in 6 months I’ve gone from a struggling actor in NYC having a couple grand to my name and zero dollars in my savings to paying off 2 credit cards, pouring $3200 into a third credit card and saving $9000, and bringing my credit score up to nearly 700 🙌🏾.

I’m so grateful for her help!”

Christae E., Actress, NYC

I'm here for you when you're ready to take control of your finances. Fill out the form below to choose a time - I look forward to meeting you!

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