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finance, but make it fun

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Do you use You Need a Budget? So do I. I love it. I live and breathe it. I have a mug from the swag shop. 

I have been using YNAB since 2014 (yes, I manually entered every expense for 5 years 😳), and it truly changed my financial life. I actually even became a YNAB Certified Coach in 2021! If you are a YNAB user and looking for someone to help you figure out your budget, YNAB, or both, I'm the girl for you!

If you don't currently use YNAB, I highly 

recommend it. It is a real game changer and will be super helpful in our work together. Yes, it's a subscription service, and usually I wouldn't recommend an ongoing subscription, but this is definitely worth it.

If you have been using YNAB for awhile and just can't seem to get the hang of it, or if you are curious about what it is and if you could use it in your life, book an intro call with me and we can discuss it!


Curious about pricing? Check out the One Off Options under 'What's the investment?' below. 


What's the investment?


After we have our intro call and decide we are a great fit, you'll receive an invoice for an upfront payment for your financial plan. Pricing varies depending on your situation, and I am dedicated to providing affordable financial guidance. Once you pay the invoice, you'll be able to book your intake call!

Ongoing Membership

After you receive your plan, you'll receive a recurring invoice. Two months' membership is required, but once you have passed that point you are free to continue your membership, or switch to one off meetings!

One Off Options

More interested in a one off meeting without the ongoing accountability? If you feel like you have a good handle on your finances and just need some friendly guidance, I offer one off meetings starting at $300/hour. These are great if you are changing jobs, making a big financial decision, or making a debt payoff plan. 

YNAB user? I offer YNAB coaching calls starting at $150/hour.

These meetings do not include financial advice - just YNAB coaching =).

Artist/Creative Discount

While I am here to serve all populations, as an actress I am especially passionate about bringing financial wellness to artistic and creative communities. If you are an artist or work in a creative field and are in need financially, you are eligible for a discount on memberships and one off coachings! Please set up an intro call with me and we can discuss your options. No more starving artists!



"With Jacqueline's help, I've been able to take my financial life from "I'm not sure what I'm doing" to "I'm going to have a debt-free wedding AND start investing!" I look forward to each quarter review: celebrating what I've completed from our last quarterly plan, mapping out a new, detailed set of to-dos for the next quarter, and, if I'm being honest, hanging out with Jacqueline! Her joyful, sparkly personality makes every meeting fun, and her no-judgment perspective removes the intimidation of talking about your finances. I've already recommended Jacqueline to everyone I know, so if you're considering Creative Accounting, I say go for it!"

Carly P., Photographer, NYC

“ Jacqueline is amazing... Amidst a global pandemic, she has helped me find so much financial peace. 

She is understanding and super judgement free, which is absolutely key when dealing with personal finances. 

In October 2020, she sat me down (over video chat) and helped me FLIP THE SCRIPT on my financial life and it has been THE BIGGEST blessing and game changer for me.


Due to her wisdom and coaching, in 6 months I’ve gone from a struggling actor in NYC having a couple grand to my name and zero dollars in my savings to paying off 2 credit cards, pouring $3200 into a third credit card and saving $9000, and bringing my credit score up to nearly 700 🙌🏾.

I’m so grateful for her help!”

Christae E., Actress, NYC

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